About Me

My Song

My song is unique and the melody is hard to describe. It’s a combination of many passions that have been courageously followed to paths less travelled. From playing the French Horn in orchestras to local council responsibilities, from healing with music in my professional role as a music therapist to working independently in business and finally studying fashion design. My life has been full and blessed.


I love humanity. I care deeply about humanities brokenness in body and spirit. As a music therapist, I use music to heal, engage and connect with people. Music often can connect with those “locked” in their own world and the therapeutic relationship a music therapist provides can use that connection to improve wellbeing. Over the past fourteen years I have worked with children, teenagers with special needs and in aged care and established multiple music therapy programs.


After studying fashion design an enthusiasm for the design process was stirred. With the collection and exploration of ideas, there is no end to the rabbit hole you can go down. I love to use juxtaposing ideas to create something unique. Through the use of clothing, photography and the design process I see possibilities for  wellbeing programs focused on identity and self-expression.


My life is a symphony. A collection of passions, pursuits and inspirations playing in unison. With a gifting in music, an extensive knowledge of history and a love of fashion I seek stimulation from everywhere. In a symphony each instrument plays individually yet creates a layered sound. Likewise my interests weave, entwine and develop. The more I learn, the more I seek to understand.


Improvisation is when you are forced into a corner and can get yourself out. My life requires constant improvisation. During therapy when a client is unresponsive, I have to improvise; I have to change my technique. When fabric does not do what it is told, I need to improvise. To seek new methods, to try new ideas and succeed in the overall vision.