Group Music Therapy

Group music therapy is a successful way to provide music therapy effectively and efficiently. Groups can vary in size, purpose and clients (homogenous or heterogenous). The possibilities are endless however here are a few examples:

  • Music therapy open to all clients based at a facility, hospital or wing.
  • Sensory stimulation session
  • Music therapy for a specific age group, therapeutic need or spiritual need.

Goals addressed are equally varied and based on the needs of the clients in the groups. Possible goals include communication, social, psychological/emotional, sensory, physical and cognitive goals.

Activities in sessions are varied and depend on the goals being addressed however some techniques include singing activities, lyric analysis, educations about use of music to apply, song-writing, movement to music, the playing of instruments and the use of music to stimulate discussion, reminiscence or cognitive recall.

If you think music therapy can be of benefit to your clients please do not hesitate to call.


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